Unique Cakes
by Regina

sugar, chocolate chip, oatmeal, peanut butter 
$10 per dozen
$20 per dozen for chocolate dipped
can be decorated to fit your theme or match your cake
$18 per dozen
$24 per dozen for decorated
Cake Pops and Balls
These are round balls of cake either on a stick like a popsicle or without. Decorations will determine the final price
$2-4 per cake ball
$3-5 per cake pops
Cake Push Pops
Just like a push pop, these have layers of cake with layers of icing in any flavor combination and can be decorated to match your theme
Starts at $3 per pop
    Custom Chocolates
Either milk or white chocolate can be molded into any shape you may want to match your theme
$5 per 1/2 lb
$10 per lb
Chocolate Strawberries
Strawberries dipped in either milk or white chocolate with a drizzle of chocolate on top. These can be decorated as well
$17 per dozen
Specialty Strawberries
Chocolate dipped strawberries with a coating of either coconut, candies, nuts or any other topping
$24 per dozen
Chocolate Cherries
Cherries dipped in either milk or white chocolate
$18 per 2 dozen (minimum order of 2 dozen)
     Rum Bundt Cake
Rum pound cake with rum glaze and nuts.  Can also be made with brandy or bourbon and can feed between 20-30 people
 The following cake prices are starting prices and certain decorations, designs and 3-D elements will add to the cost. For a better estimate of cost please email or call us to talk about your cake.
Single Tiers
8" serves 15-20 people ....$50

10" serves 25-28 people ..$70

12" serves 35-40 people ..$95

14" serves 60-63 people ..$140

16" serves 75-77 people ..$180
Two Tiers
6" & 8" serves 25-33 people.....$75
6" & 10" serves 30-40 people...$95
8" & 10" serves 35-50 people...$120
8" & 12" serves 55-60 people...$145
8" & 14" serves 80-83 people...$195
3-D/Shaped Cakes
starting at $3.65 per serving